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MAC Address Vendor Lookup

Our MAC address vendor lookup tool lets you obtain the OUI vendor information, manufacturer, and location encoded in a MAC address, as well as detect if the MAC address is assigned to a virtual machine. Get access to our research results on any given MAC address, OUI, or IAB.

44,000+MAC address blocks registered
31,000+Unique MAC address vendors
100+New block registrations per week
52,000+Satisfied customers

Each MAC address vendor lookup tool lets users retrieve:

  • Vendor Details

    The name of the company that registered the MAC address block, in addition to its street address and country code in ISO 3166 format

  • Creation and Update Dates

    The dates when the MAC address block a particular MAC address is part of was registered and last updated

  • Registration Details

    Determines if the MAC address belongs to any registered MAC address block

  • Validity

    Checks if the syntax of the MAC address of interest is correct

  • If It Is Private

    Identifies if the MAC address belongs to a privately registered MAC address block

  • Block Details

    Obtains the Left and Right borders, total number of MAC addresses, and assignment type of the MAC address block a specific MAC address belongs to

  • Virtual Machine Detection

    Detects if the MAC address is assigned to a virtual machine, in which case the vendor’s name (e.g., VMWare) is given; if the MAC address does not belong to a virtual machine, the result says “Not detected”

  • Potential Applications

    If the MAC address and its range is reserved for a specific use case by the vendor, the result will show the higher-level protocol encapsulated in the frame

  • Wireshark Notes

    If the OUI or MAC address is in the Wireshark Database, the result provides extra details that help identify its application or actual vendor instead of the original assignment

  • Transmission Type

    Determines if the MAC address is a multicast or unicast address

  • Administration Type

    Checks if the MAC address is universally or locally administered

  • Assignment Block Size

    Checks if the assignment block size is large, medium, small, or individual.

Our MAC address vendor lookup tool delivers complete and relevant data.

  • We provide access to daily MAC address lookup vendor data that comes directly from the IEEE.

  • We have an existing knowledge base of known MAC address connections to virtual machines.

  • We have historical MAC address information collated since 1997.

  • We use algorithms to analyze MAC addresses and get the information encoded in them.

Practical Usage

  • Determine what device has a particular MAC address.

  • Extend your admin toolkit using a tool that provides instant MAC address information.

  • Spot virtual machines to track and control their outgoing traffic.

  • Identify unwanted MAC addresses in your network fast.