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MAC Vendors Database Download

Get the most comprehensive database of registered MAC address blocks also referred to as Organizationally Unique Identifiers (OUIs).

44,000+MAC address blocks registered
31,000+Unique MAC address vendors
100+New block registrations per week
52,000+Satisfied customers

MAC Vendors Database Download provides access to these data points:

  • Vendor Details

    What company registered the MAC address block? What are its street address and country code in ISO 3166 format?

  • Assignment Size

    Is the assignment block size large, medium, small, or individual?

  • Created and Updated Dates

    When was the MAC address block registered, and when was it last updated?

  • Virtual Machine Detection

    Is the MAC address assigned to a virtual machine? What is its vendor name?

  • Registration

    Does the MAC address belong to a registered MAC block?

  • Vendor-Assigned Applications

    What specific use case is the MAC address and its ranges reserved for?

  • Validity

    Does the specific MAC address follow the correct syntax?

  • Wireshark Notes

    Does the Wireshark Database provide additional details about the OUI or MAC address?

  • Block Privacy Type

    Is the registered MAC address block private?

  • Transmission Type

    Is the MAC address a multicast or unicast address?

  • Block Details

    How many MAC addresses does the MAC address block have? What are its left and right borders? What’s the assignment type?

  • Administration Type

    Is the MAC address universally or locally administered?

Three Mac Address Database Formats

Currently the database comes in the Basic form and includes OUI blocks, vendor names and addresses.

We deliver complete and relevant data

  • Up-to-date

    MAC Address Vendor Database Download provides MAC vendor data daily, directly from the IEEE Standards Association.

  • Historical

    We have been collecting our own OUI historical information since 1997 and collating it into a comprehensive MAC Address Vendor Database.

Practical usage

  • Filter unwanted MAC addresses from your network with the help of our MAC Address Vendor Database.

  • Determine the device behind a given MAC address.

  • Provide more value for your administrative services by retrieving instant MAC address details.

  • Monitor outgoing traffic from virtual machines effectively by detecting the MAC addresses assigned to them.

MAC Address Vendor Database | WhoisXML API

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MAC Address Vendor Database | WhoisXML API

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