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MAC Address Lookup API

MAC Address Lookup API allows you to retrieve OUI vendor information, manufacturer, and location details, detect virtual machines, and read the information encoded in a given MAC address. Get exclusive access to our research results regarding the given MAC address, OUI, and IAB.

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For a given MAC address, MAC Address Lookup API retrieves:

  • Vendor Details

    This information includes the name of the company, which registered the MAC addresses block, along with its street address and country code in ISO 3166 format.

  • Administration Type

    MAC Address Lookup API determines if the address is a universally or locally administered MAC address.

  • Registration Details

    The API checks if the MAC address belongs to any of the registered MAC blocks.

  • Created & Updated dates

    These dates refer to when the MAC address block the given MAC address belongs to was registered and last updated.

  • If It Is Private

    MAC Address Lookup API checks if the MAC address belongs to a privately registered block.

  • If It Is Valid

    The API checks if the provided MAC address is syntactically correct.

  • Virtual Machine Detection

    If the MAC address is assigned to a virtual machine, the API returns the vendor name (e.g., VMWare), otherwise it would say “Not detected.”

  • Block Details

    For the MAC block the MAC address belongs to, users get the Left and Right borders, total number of MAC addresses in it, and assignment type.

  • Wireshark Notes

    For some OUIs and MAC addresses, the Wireshark Database provides extra details, which may help users recognize the MAC address application or indicate an actual vendor rather than the original assignment.

  • Possible Applications

    Vendors may reserve some MAC addresses and their ranges for specific use cases. Such addresses typically indicate what higher-level protocol is encapsulated in a frame.

  • Assignment Block Size

    Users can check if the assignment block size is large, medium, small, or individual.

  • Transmission Type

    Users can determine if the MAC address is a multicast or unicast address.

We deliver complete and relevant data

  • Vendor data is provided daily, directly sourced from the IEEE Standards Association.

  • We build a knowledge base about known MAC addresses’ connections to virtual machines.

  • We have also been collecting our own historical information since 1997.

  • Our algorithms analyzes MAC addresses to get the information encoded in it.

Practical usage

  • Find out which device is behind the MAC address.

  • Extend your admin toolkit with a service that provides instant MAC address information.

  • Detect Virtual Machines (VM) to accurately monitor and control outgoing traffic from them.

  • Instantly identify unwanted MAC addresses in your network.

MAC Address API | WhoisXML API

Get 100 free API credits. No credit card required.

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